Renowned oncologist-professor Dr. Guido Marcucci is one of Ostentus Therapeutics’ founders; under his expert lead we have been taking our plant- derived compounds and submitting them to rigorous pharmacologic and toxicologic testing at specialized laboratories in leading cancer research institutions in the United States (US). We have shown that Ostentus products have important medicinal properties and anticancer activity. We are now identifying their active principles and the corresponding mechanisms of action.

Ostentus Therapeutics has completed four drug-development research endpoints with striking evidence of anticancer activity in vivo i.e., decrease of the tumor burden and significantly increase of survival of AML mice treated with OST-01 compared with control AML mice treated with vehicle treated controls; a decrease of tumor burden in xenografts of lung and breast and colon treated with OST-01 compared with vehicle- treated controls.

Ostentus Therapeutics has conducted a thorough chemical analysis to identify the active principles of its natural products and is utilizing these discoveries to conduct in vitro and in vivo activity studies in cancer and leukemia models and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling studies to optimize their dosages and schedules for humans. These studies are instrumental in filing the requisite investigational new drug (IND) application with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and to start clinical trials (human trials) of the parent drug and its derivatives.

To this end, OST-01 effectively inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis, OST-01 specifically targets cancer cells but spares normal cells.

We have demonstrated OST-01 novel mechanism of action in AML and Breast cancer, preliminary toxicity studies revealed that OST-01 does not cause cytotoxicity in mice.

Our results have been independently peer-reviewed, through pre-IND discussions with the FDA we have a clear path to IND application to start Phase 1 in human trials.