Ostentus Therapeutics is taking its plant-derived compounds and submit them through a rigorous pharmacologic and toxicologic testing at specialized laboratories in leading cancer research institutions in the United States (US). The goal is to validate the claims that these compounds have medicinal properties and anticancer activity, identify their active principles and their corresponding mechanisms of action, and establish their safe and active doses and schedules in human.

To this end, Ostentus Therapeutics will also conduct a thorough chemical analysis to identify the active principles of these compounds and utilize these discoveries to conduct in vitro and in vivo studies in cancer and leukemia models and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling to optimize their dosages and schedules for humans. These studies are instrumental to achieve our first milestone of filing the requisite investigational new drug (IND) application with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and to start clinical trials (human trials) of the parent drug and its derivatives.

To conduct the rigorous testing of our candidate compounds, Ostentus Therapeutics has developed a detailed research program divided into phases that are designed ad-hoc to rapidly translate bench discoveries to the bedside. Ostentus Therapeutics’ portfolio includes the initial candidate parent drug OST-01 and several other next generation OST compounds (i.e., OST-02, OST-03, OST-04, OST-05, hereafter called “derivatives”) that will be tested and compared to select the product with the highest activity, lowest toxicity and the best feasibility of administration.